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Immigration Law

Our immigration attorneys at bring at your service decades of successful immigration practice. If you are a foreigner or have a foreign relative who wishes to reside in Mexico we offer complete professional advise and assistance.

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Family Law

At we offer legal services in family matters, with extensive experience in this field, we process alimony, we defend unfair or unfounded claims for payment child or spouse support,   divorce lawsuits and representation (amicable or not)

Corporate Law

The knowledge in this matter and years of experience make us your best option if you wish to establish a Mexican company or corporation, draw Assembly meetings, draw Powers, write commercial and civil contracts and a wide range of corporate services.

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Civil Law

At we prepare and negotiate civil contracts such as purchase and sale contracts of any type, lease contracts, loan agreements, property trust, civil association contracts etc.

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Foreign Investments

The attorneys at have experience in real estate and commercial operations where the investment comes from a foreign source.

Commercial Lawyer playa del Carmen cancun

Commercial Law

At we are knowledgeable of commercial laws, especially the Commercial Code which is a federal code that regulates contracts and commercial transactions as well as the procedure rules, predominantly oral, which makes disputes resolved faster than in other areas of law.

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Real Estate Investments

At we assist you in the process of buying or selling a property in Mexico. We draw promissory agreements, draw contracts, review the legal documents related to the property to ensure that everything is in order

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Intellectual Property

We offer registration services for trademarks, trade names, distinctive signs, industrial designs, industrial secrets, commercial notices, in order to protect intellectual property, especially in these times of the digital and social networks.


We are founding members of the College of Mediators in Quintana Roo with training in mediation in order to be able to provide the private mediation service as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism;