The Federal Migration Law (Ley de Migración) and its Regulations (Reglamento de la Ley de Migración) regulate this matter and the National Institute of Migration is the authority on immigration matters.

Mexico immigration visa types and status:

There are different types of visas and migratory status: there are visitor visas without permission to carry out paid activities, border visitor visas, student visitor visas, visitor visas to carry out paid activities, etc.

Temporary Residents

Regarding to the migratory status, there are Temporary Residents are those who can stay for more than 180 days and less than 4 years; there are different categories such as Temporary Residents with permission to work or non-working Temporary Residents (to live in the country of their final resources from abroad (savings or investments, social security, pension); student residents, resident because of a blood relation with Mexican or another resident, etc.

Permanent Residents

Permanent Residents are those who can stay indefinitely.  Permanent residents may carry out any legal activity or profession (that does not special authorization as for example an attorney or medical doctor).  The requirements to become a permanent resident vary.

The cost of the Immigration Rights is adjusted annually in accordance with the Federal Law on Rights.

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